1. TBN Films - Here are several full length movies you can watch online.

GodTube (Now Tangle) - Similar to YouTube, but a lot of Christian videos.

3. Way of the Master - Witnessing videos with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.

Online Christian Movies - A nice list of free online movies.

5. DaySpring
Inspiration Videos - 19 short inspirational, animated videos.

Bible Society - 26 animated flash movies, very cool.

SO4J - You can watch several free Christian movies here!

8. Sermon Spice - Witnessing clips, sermon backgrounds and more.

9.  Xianz - A Christian Youtube alternative. 

10. Christian TV - Many free Christian video clips.

11. Jesus Freak Hideout - Free Christian music videos

12. Gospel Music Channel - Free Christian music clips

Free Christian Movies and Sites

Looking the Internet over for the best free Christian movies and videos to watch online?  Well, don't look anymore, I done the searching for you.  I spent hours and hours searching the Internet for the best free Christian video sites below, some have full length movies, while others offer short animated flash videos that are very inspirational.
Below are some Christian videos I found on YouTube.  Please note that I did not upload these videos, I am only linking to them.  These videos may be copyrighted and removed at any time.


Left Behind 1

Escape From Hell

The Climb


Second Chance

Faith Like Potatoes

The Gospel Of John

Late One Night

Facing The Giants

Final Exit

Stephen's Test of Faith

The Appointment

The Hope

The Gathering

The Moment After


End of Spear

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